For charging and maintaining batteries used for engine starting and control.

Which is the easiest charger to procure, install and use? The EZ Automatic Battery Charger! 
Read the following to see why it's so - o - o - o - o - o EASY!


  • AC line compensation
  • Precision voltage regulation
  • Completely solid state
  • Convection cooled - no fan
  • Float, high-rate and AC-ON LEDs
  • Automatic timed high-rate charging
  • Completely self protected
  • Fully isolated - no direct AC to DC connection
  • Alarm package including high & low volts, rectifier fail and AC fail LEDs with a common relay
  • DC voltmeter and ammeter
  • Current limited - no cranking disconnect required
  • Current limit factory sealed
  • Cannot discharge battery during AC failure
  • Easily field adjustable without battery connection
  • Control switch for manual float, timed high rate or automatic

Simply Easy!

To Install
Easily accessed connections and external mounting holes make
the job simple.

To Adjust
All adjustments are factory set but if changes are needed, they are easily made before the battery is connected! Adjust the float and high-rate levels and set the high and low alarm points using only a precision voltmeter. There is no need to bring the battery voltage up and down to set these voltage levels. The autocharge, rectifier fail and AC fail alarms require no adjustments. Current limit is factory set and sealed. No need to adjust even if changing the control board.

To Maintain
Should something go awry, all major components are easily exchanged. A single PC-board is plugged in and switched in minutes. No quess work in setting alarm levels. Just adjust before the battery is reconnected.

To Specify
Your requirements are met by standard features (See features
list). Specify only the DC volts and amps needed.

To Order
Units shipped from stock. If desired, specify quantity and type of cells or float and high-rate charge voltages for exact factory setting.


  • AC line cord
  • Temperature compensation
  • Dripshield
  • AC on-off switch


AC Input: 117V AC +/-10%, 60 Hz +/-5%
DC Voltage Regulation: +/-1/2%
Protection: AC & DC fuses
Housing: stainless steel
Mounting: Simple wall mtg.
Meters: DC volts & amps 5% accuracy
Temperature range: -20 to 50˚C

ModelVolts Amps Dimensions (H" x W" X D") Weight (Lbs.)
EZ-12-1012.75 x 9.5 x 7.515
EZ-24-612.75 x 9.5 x 7.515
EZ-24-1012.75 x 9.5 x 7.520